What We Do

For individuals and organizations seeking to make a positive impact in their communities, these are challenging times.  The shifting costs and benefits of traditional methods and cutting-edge tactics make public interaction, media engagement, message delivery, brand management, and policy outcomes more difficult to manage.

Fortunately, 1150 Public Affairs knows how to make this new landscape work for you.  From planning to execution, we make it easier for you to get the successful outcome you want.  And these days, that’s more important than ever.

Our Services:

Communications Strategy

Few things can be as intimidating as dealing with the media. When you’re standing at a podium and there’s a microphone and a camera stuck in your face, the pressure is all on you. 1150 will help you prepare for these events and, more importantly, build a custom plan to make them work in your favor. We’ll put together the strategy, the media contact lists, the messaging, provide the training, and prepare the talking points to make sure you’re on message every time.

Media Relations

In today’s hyper-competitive, non-stop news environment, keeping the media informed and educated about who you are, what you want, and how you plan to get it is crucial. From television news to the online community, one poorly placed bit of incorrect information can take you off track for weeks. 1150 Public Affairs helps you establish and maintain positive, productive relationships with the media to ensure the most favorable coverage possible for your project and protect your brand.

Crisis Management

These days you have to expect the unexpected. That comes with the territory. The 1150 team offers a rare set of crisis communications experiences that will help any individual, corporation, or organization get through emergency situations. In order to effectively handle a crisis, time is of the essence and the first 24 hours can make or break a communications strategy. When you have us on your team, successful crisis management begins minute one.

Corporate and Organizational Branding and Identity

In a highly visible world what you stand for, your reputation, and your public perception often have as much to do with your success as the quality of your ideas. 1150 Public Affairs helps you craft a public image and a brand identity that ensures that you have the credibility, the integrity, and the standing to generate traction for your agenda. From logo and message development to internal planning and prioritizing, we help create a solid foundation for everything you do.

Creative Communications

The number of choices you have for delivering your message these days is mindboggling. From digital to mail to video to phones and everything in between, determining the most effective, impactful package of communications vehicles is critical to your success. 1150 Public Affairs can help you make sense of it all. We use cutting-edge targeting and modeling to determine the precise formula that generates the most exposure to the right audience.

Court of Public Opinion Strategy

Today’s legal community operates in the same 24/7 news environment that everyone else does. In that environment, media coverage can influence the outcome of a legal case. We know it’s not supposed to happen, but we know it does. 1150 Public Affairs, unlike traditional public relations firms, offers something unique: a laser focus on winning. We manage the media and the court of public opinion so you’re free to focus on winning the case.

Strategic Planning for Foundations and Nonprofits

Foundations and non-profits have one goal: To make a difference. The challenge they face is determining how to make that goal a reality. Building coalitions between stakeholders in the business community, government, and neighborhoods takes a clear vision, an innovative strategy, and persistence. 1150 Public Affairs has decades of experience working with foundations and non-profits to turn goals into accomplishments. Our multi-sector perspective brings clarity to your mission and helps you deliver results for the community you serve.

Issues Management

1150 Public Affairs helps you define goals, fine-tune policy, and deliver a proactive, persuasive message to the right audience to help you advance your issue agenda.